Markets Served

Markets ECA Serves

ECA’s leadership and employees understand the importance of knowing the ins and outs of our clients’ businesses in order to deliver the best result. ECA has been delivering complex electrical projects on time to clients across various markets since 1970, so you can rest assured we have extensive experience in yours.

Power Generation for Utilities, Municipalities, IPPs, and District Energy

ECA’s experience in the power generation industry is difficult to match. We have senior staff with 30+ years of project experience on greenfield plants, re-powering, automation upgrades, emissions control, equipment replacements, and commissioning of every subsystem. We know the inner workings of solid-fuel fired boilers, steam turbines, combustion turbines, hydro plants, every auxiliary system at these facilities, and since 2020 have worked successfully in nuclear plant greenfield construction. At a time when maintenance and repair of dispatchable power plants is critical, ECA provides its customers experience and reliability.

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ECA has provided reliable electrical construction services at human and animal health research and manufacturing facilities for decades. While most of this work has been renovation and upgrade of existing facilities, our portfolio of new construction work in this market is expanding. Call us for references and a list of representative projects.

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Automotive, Industrial and Manufacturing

Financial strength and a commitment to build with integrity have allowed ECA to complete large and complex projects for over 50 years in the automotive and general industrial markets. ECA incorporates the latest construction technologies to install high-end automated equipment cost-effectively, and has the resources to work around the clock in locations across the U.S. to complete installations on time. And yes, this includes advanced fulfillment centers with high-speed storage, retrieval, and conveyance systems.

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ECA’s presence in the healthcare market was expanded by acquisitions made in 2012 and 2022. But our experience list in hospitals around our Kansas City headquarters and Cleveland-area satellite office extends back decades. Besides work in a variety of patient-care areas, our special skills in electrical infrastructure can help you create unique solutions for these complex facilities. This is also a market where maintenance is critical… did you know that ECA has an exceptional Service Division?

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The petrochemical market is one that ECA has worked in since its founding in 1970. The methods and materials used for electrical construction in oil & gas, as well as in a variety of chemical process facilities, are a mainstay of our estimating, management, and execution teams.

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Data Centers

For decades ECA has installed and commissioned complex power distribution systems for data centers… but they have been behind the walls of our power generation, hospital, and industrial process customers. Now we are building similar installations, though much larger and with more blocks of the similar pieces, in the Data Center market, including one hyperscale site that has been under construction since 2022.

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Commercial & Education

While ECA’s portfolio is largely industrial, we also work well serving a variety of commercial and educational needs.  For large projects of either type, or projects that require a large quantity of work in a short amount of time, ECA can perform effectively in a cost-competitive manner.  Our ECA Service division also works well with commercial and educational customers; regular investigative services like infrared scanning and de-energized checks keep operations running smoothly.  Regardless of your project’s size, we offer competitive pricing and cost-effective solutions to help public and private commercial and educational organizations fulfill their missions.

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ECA has built dozens of water and wastewater treatment systems; however, similar to many other markets that we are in, our work has often hidden behind the walls of power generation and industrial plants. In recent years, we have grown our work directly for municipal water and wastewater providers primarily through our ECA Service Division. Our capacities in power distribution, automation, breaker repair, and commissioning are valuable tools in this market. Let us know how we can be of service.

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Food & Beverage/Consumer Products

ECA has long held the skills to manage and execute projects in the consumer products market, and has maintained a set of returning local food & beverage customers. In recent years, however, we have had opportunities to work on several major new construction and product changeover projects. The success of those projects, along with our specialty in industrial automation, and our growing ability to incorporate prefabricated components into our projects, has led to strong growth in this area. Ask for a list of references in this growing market.