Breaker Rebuild

Breaker Rebuilds

Breakers are the primary protection features of any electrical system. Therefore, breakers also can be some of the sturdiest pieces of equipment in your entire electrical system, particularly air-frame styles.


ECA Service’s in-house shop was created specifically for analyzing, breaking down, rebuilding, and testing breakers. Our breaker remanufacturing service involves tearing the breaker down to the smallest levels of the mechanism, including all bearings and springs. All parts and pieces are then polished, cleaned, or replaced before reassembling the breaker. Oftentimes, a remanufactured breaker from ECA Service costs 40-60% less than purchasing a new breaker. Plus, rebuilt breakers from ECA Service are protected by a one-year warranty.


Our breaker rebuild shop has earned the trust of many different companies, including Kansas City Power and Light, Case New Holland Industrial, Children’s Mercy Hospital, DST Systems, Independence Power and Light, Truman Dam, and many more.

Considering an upgrade for a breakers trip unit from an original to a microprocessor-based piece? ECA Service recommends using the AC Pro or AC Pro II seen in many of these pictures. These trip units deliver superior reliability, ease of use, and functional features compared to many other aftermarket trip units in the industry.


Call an Electrical Risk Consultant at ECA Service today to find out if your breaker issues could be solved with a rebuild at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

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